What is SEO-article and how to write SEO-texts



Tasks of SEO-article

The main tasks of a SEO-article are:

  • Bringing the site to the top on a given list of search queries;
    Attracting additional traffic to the resource;
    Converting users into buyers, subscribers, etc.
    How do I start writing an SEO article?
    The algorithm of actions looks approximately as follows:


  • Selection of topics. It is necessary to collect relevant topics for a given niche – everything that might be of interest to target users, such as the pros and cons of a particular product, the criteria for its choice, etc.
    The presence of interest in the topic. The next step is to understand which of the selected topics is the most relevant, for example, by looking at the frequency of each of them using Yandex.Wordstat.
  • Selection of queries. Once the topic has been selected, you must proceed to the selection of key queries, for example, using the tool Yandex Wordstat.
  • Title of the article. A very important is the formation of the title – it should be catchy and provoke a desire to read your article.
    Article structure development. Here you should deal with the structuring of information and elaboration of subheadings that will more fully cover the subthemes of articles, helping to reveal it.
  • ToR for the text. Once the topic is chosen and the queries are collected, comes the stage of creating the terms of reference for the copywriter to write the article: the formation of structure, the list of keywords that should be present in the text and their number, etc.
    Snippet. An important step is the formation of highly relevant tags Title and Description, which will be visible to the user in the snippet – it should draw attention and interest move it to your resource.
  • How to choose a URL of the SEO-article
    When choosing how to promote a resource by writing informational articles, you should not forget about the correct formation of the URL, it must be:

  1. The shorter – the better;
  2. have CNC-format;
  3. Have keyword entries.


What are the criteria for a high-quality SEO article?


  • When forming the terms of reference for writing a SEO article, the following points should be taken into account:
  • Analysis of competitors in the search engine
    To form the most relevant seo-article it is necessary to make a competitive analysis, for this purpose:
  1. enter the query of interest in the search engine;
  2. view the results of search results in the top;
  3. analyze the articles;
  4. pay attention to the most important elements and advantages of these articles, it may be:
  5. availability of content;
  6. thematic images and videos;
  7. Useful charts and tables;
  8. stylized highlighting of important fragments;
  9. links to additional sources;
  • Based on the presence in the articles of the above elements is formed a number of requirements that must be taken into account, for example: if the video is in all or most of the analyzed articles, then it must be on the page, if part of the pages have indexed tables (not images!), and on the part – no, then this element is desirable to implement.


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