What are seo-articles and how to write them correctly? Optimizing articles for seo-promotion



What are seo-articles and why optimize texts?
Seo-articles are articles that contain keywords and most fully respond to user queries in a search.


  • For example, you have an online store where you sell sofas. And some categories of people are interested – to buy a sofa. This is the kind of query and people enter in Google or Yandex: “buy a sofa. If the text on your site contains such a query, then users may come and buy a sofa from you.

-From this directly follows the answer to the question “Why do we need seo-articles for the site? The answer is:

  • they help the user find what he is looking for;
    serve as a kind of hooks for search engines: the better optimized all the content on the site, the higher the web resource will be ranked in extradition;
    keep users on the page;
    contribute to the conversion of visitors into subscribers / customers.
    Here immediately cut off all hope of reaching the top of Yandex and Google on the texts alone. Even if the texts have 10 out of 10 on Glavred and “Turgenev” promises that “Baden-Baden” will not touch you, no Top-1, Top-5 and Top-10 will not happen if the site takes 5 minutes to load, the shopping cart does not work, and usability is at zero. Seo-optimized articles – an important part of the highly ranked site, and if the company decides to order the seo-promotion of the site, writing texts will be mandatory. But this is a tool, not a panacea.

A good seo-text is what?


  • The answer to this question could be as long as “War and Peace”, because in this war it’s far from peace. Every day there are some trends, long posts are written, seo-articles and seo-texts are separated, search engines also put forward some requirements, and clients are all different too. These are subtleties and regularly changing trends. In this article, we will touch upon only the most basic points that you need to pay attention to when writing seo-texts.

Let’s start with a bad example – how not to write seo-articles? This is where Yandex will help us:

  • By launching the Baden-Baden algorithm in 2017, Yandex once again showed that texts for robots, not people, are bad. Since 2011, Yandex has been asking you to write normal texts that are useful and interesting to users. What is so useful about the text in the picture? Nothing. And they still write them.

Google treats this kind of content the same way:

  • “Don’t fill your pages with keyword lists, don’t try to publish different content for search engines and for users, and don’t create pages designed only for scanners. If a site contains pages, links or text not intended for visitors, Google regards such links and pages as misleading and may ignore such a site.”

What, then, would a proper seo article be?


  • Useful to humans. Do not pour water – the text must clearly respond to the user. Wants to buy a sofa – tell him what sofas you have, what they are made of, what are the real advantages, how to buy them and how much they cost, what is the delivery.
    Informative. You can write a thousand times in text, that your sofas – the cheapest and also the highest quality, but no information to the user it will not give. Link to the real facts, confirming your words. You can not be unsubstantiated.
    Literate. Everyone has typos and errors, but the absolute or close to it illiteracy will discourage visitors. No one likes to read texts full of mistakes.
    Unique. In fact, controversial point, the technical experts have already drawn attention to it, but so far the uniqueness of the text remains among the criteria for quality. Ideally, the minimum threshold – 70%.
    Not spammed with keys. The keys can not be used too often: in SEO.RU formula is – a maximum of 2 keys per 500 characters. And they should be inserted in the text in such a form that the article was still convenient and easy to read. “Sofas Moscow buy cheap in our store” – this is bad.
    Formatted. To make the text easy to read, it should be divided into paragraphs, add graphic elements and use a clear font.
    This is a basic minimum of general recommendations for writing articles, and to check these criteria, there are many services that will simplify the work.


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