The effectiveness of key phrases in organic search



If you don’t do a keyword analysis, you’ll end up promoting a site that won’t bring you customers and, therefore, profits.
You also run the risk of getting a number of keyword phrases that do not drive traffic at all.
The analysis will help you find such keywords and not work with them.

The values that are evaluated in the analysis:

frequency of the query;
Competition in your niche;
The trend of key phrases.

Keyword analysis in Serpstat
Serpstat allows you to perform a quality keyword selection using a single service.
To do this, enter a keyword phrase into the search box, click “Search” and study the “Summary Report” section of “Keyword phrase analysis”.

The report will show you the keyword query statistics and indicators such as frequency, competition and cost in contextual advertising.

Frequency will show the number of hits on the phrase per month in search results, so the higher the indicator, the better.
The competition indicator determines the level of competition phrases in the contextual advertising in percentage, and the CPC cost per click.

Next, we see lists of keyword phrases in organic and paid results.
These indicators will help you select the highest-frequency keywords to promote your site.

Trends help you plan a strategy to promote your site by keyword phrases and understand their seasonality.
That is, if you have used all your resources, but the figures for the site are still not high, perhaps now your product or service is simply not relevant.

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