SEO-text: how to write optimized and useful articles



  • SEO article turned into useful content. Previously, the structure of optimization was built from key phrases, its goal was to get to the top of search engines. It is not enough just to pick up semantics, robots have learned to analyze sites and show users quality content.


  • In this article, we will tell you what is SEO-text and how to write an article for different user requests. We will discover a little secret of selecting keywords and together we will analyze the creation of useful content.


  • SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization and promotion of a website in search results. The purpose is to attract traffic.


  • SEO-text/article is an optimized text for the search engine robots (“Yandex” and Google). The information must contain keywords and respond to the user’s query.


  • SEO-copywriting is the process of writing optimized articles. We always write for users, adhering to a certain structure.


  • There is one nuance that you should know: SEO-text and SEO-article – different concepts.

SEO-text – content that is intended for online stores. It can be a description to product cards, a catalog and so on.

SEO-article – a full-fledged material that is of value to the reader. This material from 3000 characters, accompanied by pictures.

How to write SEO texts/articles
First, you need to make a plan of work. Each specialist has his own writing technique, but the structure of the text is always the same. Highlight the recipe below and copy it into your notes or notepad.

What you need to write an SEO text/article:

Idea. Search and analyze the topic we want to talk about.
Audit. Researching competitors and analyzing key phrases in articles.
Foundation. Collection of the semantic core (SN) for the future articles.
Getting started. Creating an article plan.
Implementation. Writing a draft.
Optimization. Filling the article key queries.
Errors. Finished the SEO text? Checking it for errors – this is the final stage of text preparation.
Launch. Publication of the article.
Conclusion. Evaluation of effectiveness, that is, analysis of the site and page against the competitors.

How to write SEO-text that will bring maximum benefit? You need to follow the rules:

The material responds to the user’s request, without unnecessary water.
The text contains complete and accurate information on the topic.
Quality SEO-text is a competent text without stylistic errors.
It contains a small number of key queries.
Structured and unique text (on how to check the text on the uniqueness of SEO, we explain further).
Clear and understandable content, written in plain language. Text > SEO!
The structural elements of the SEO-article
For our text to be easily perceived by the reader, it is important to understand that SEO-articles and the rules of their writing require a rigorous and logical structure. We are talking about headings and paragraphs. In all SEO-articles you will find such a plan:

Headings. We start with the title (H1), then create a nesting with subheadings (H2-H6).



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