SEO lessons for beginners:



A set of actions called Search Engine Optimization is aimed at bringing a website to the top positions in the results of Google, Yandex and other search engines. The goal of SEO is to attract traffic and increase the number of potential customers for the business.

The process of customization requires knowledge of theory, the ability to quickly navigate innovations, adjust to changes in requirements, tracking the emergence of new search engine robots whose task is to track violations and impose sanctions. Learn the basics of search engine optimization and the subtleties of the seo-manager profession with free video lessons at ALL CURSES ONLINE.


The video was created for a “raw” audience who have no idea about SEO, so the lesson will begin with a brief excursus into the history, review of outdated methods, the principles of search engines. Then the practical part starts, interspersed with theory. Using a real hookah store as an example, the author will show the steps necessary to compose the semantic core. Beginners will understand what is clustering, frequencies, broad match, minus-words, link building. Additionally, they’ll learn why each brand in the store needs a separate page, what to do with doubles, how to search for popular issues for a blog, the difference between a blog for reader and traffic, what a good/bad title for a selling page looks like, where to look for links by competitors, linkable topics.

8 Steps.

Stas Bykov is an internet marketer, web studio manager, and blogger. Since 2014 he has been running an educational YouTube channel with instructions, lessons, and live broadcasts. In this video Stas will consider the algorithm of website promotion, which consists of eight basic steps, explain what a commercial/technical audit is, what plugin to install on WordPress, how to change the snippet, build up natural link mass. In addition, he will talk about the importance of understanding the structure, competent composition of the title/description, linking, its varieties, regular analytics, the need to adhere to the schedule of publications.

20 common mistakes

The video from educational platform Skillbox in which Dmitriy Pronin tells why you need to create a semantic core and how to do it correctly, avoiding mistakes which prevent the achievement of the goal and contribute to the decrease in position of the site will help you to understand the mistakes. Dmitry Pronin has developed methods and standards for promotion and has implemented them in the working process of Ingate, where he is the head of the group of SEO-specialists. He is a sought-after teacher, co-author and producer of online courses on digital marketing.

A master class using Tilda as an example

German Dolgin will show the procedure of internal optimization, using the Tilda constructor. He will spend the first 15 minutes deciphering the basic terms (TIC, PR, SERP, SEA), then proceed with practice. Following Herman, the audience will learn about the impact on user satisfaction, the importance of adapting to mobile devices, cross-referencing, and the need for alt tags on images. He will show how to make basic settings, form categories of keys, put redirects, test the work done with the help of Google PageSpeed.


TexTerra studio has been engaged in internet marketing since 2007. Its employees have gained a lot of experience which they share on their blog and on YouTube. In this mini-lesson, company employee Ivan Smirnov will talk about the basics of “SEO”. He will talk about header hierarchy, behavioral factor, content quality, snippet changes, web browser features, robot.txt and sitemap.xml files. The video will be appreciated by those who like easy presentation of information with a bit of humor. Ivan has two degrees, worked as a teacher of computer science, he studied web design and programming at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.


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