SEO for startups: guide + checklist



  • What is startup promotion? How to choose the right keywords for a startup? What useful resources for your startup will make it easier and faster to promote it? Find all the information about SEO for startups in our article.
  • Defining the business goals
    Before you start promoting your startup website, you need to set business goals, which SEO promotion will help you to achieve. To choose the right direction for development, you should consider the needs and interests of the target audience. The goal of startups can be:
  • increasing profits, ROI;
    increase in the number of leads – targeted actions such as registration, filling out feedback forms, adding products to the cart;
    increase brand awareness;
    increasing customer loyalty, etc.


  • If the main aim of the startup is to get more leads, you should focus on the promotion of topics with low competition, but where there is a high demand for your products or services.

  • If promotion of your startup on the Internet is aimed at popularizing your brand, you should focus on making your product more well-known and understandable for the target audience. In this case, demand is generated on the basis of keyword analysis and identification of the most popular topics.


  • How do you achieve your business goals with SEO?
    To make a business plan for SEO, start by defining your business goal – what you want to achieve this quarter or any other time period. For example, increase sales by 20% this month.


  • Then move on to setting marketing goals. Internet marketing is something a startup should use to achieve business goals. In our example, optimize the sales funnel, increase website traffic, and re-engage users who visited the resource to achieve the goal.


  • After that, make a SEO business plan – determine which metrics should be improved: positions in the search engine, the quality of the link profile, traffic from social networks and other sites. Achieving SEO goals will increase sales to the desired level.

Where do I start with optimization?


  • You should start promoting your startup online by making a number of technical adjustments: connecting analytics systems, setting up goal tracking, creating robots.txt and sitemap files. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly needs to be done before you can promote your startup.


  • Connecting Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics.
    The promotion of startups involves meeting SEO goals, which must be tracked in analytics systems. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika will make it possible to find out the number of visitors and visits, the most popular pages of a resource, analyze your audience and links, and many other parameters.
  • To track visits, you need to place special codes on all pages of your site or use the Tag Manager:
  • Setting goals in the counters
    Worth tracking goals such as adding items to cart, user registration, filling out forms, viewing important pages and videos. In Yandex.Metrika some of the goals are tracked automatically
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