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What are SEO articles?

  • This is a type of text that is usually written to be placed on the inside pages of a site. Specially selected informational keywords are included in the body of the article. That’s why it’s not just an article, but a SEO article.
  • A separate type – articles to promote the site, which are placed on third-party sites (article exchanges, etc.).

Why do you need such texts?

  • Thematic information on the pages of your resource will be of interest to potential and regular customers.
    Adding a new article, with the right keywords, links to the inner pages of the site, will contribute to the promotion in search engines, lead to an increase in traffic (the target audience to the pages of the site).
    How to order a SEO article

Or, what does a good SEO article look like?

  • First of all, remember: today to write only for search engines is wrong, bad or as the French say “mauvais ton”. Search engine crawlers are improving. They find it easier and easier to find sites where the information is tailored exclusively for them and does not correspond to what users want to see. But how would you feel about an article on a website of an online home appliance store, where instead of useful information about how to choose an ice cream maker just a set of key queries without coherently “glued” together? If you plan to buy such appliances, the chance of making a purchase after reading such an article tends to zero. A sensible article with examples, photos, clear recommendations for a certain budget is another matter.
    To gather the maximum number of users for this article. You need to make sure that its title is in demand. The keywords chosen logically.
    Include useful pictures in the body of the text, make links to internal pages of product groups or a specific product that will interest the reader.
    Place the article on your site, taking into account the HTML markup, which is especially valued by search engines.

Price of SEO articles

  • You want to order a SEO article to promote your site? Exactly as described above? Then the scheme of action is as follows:
  • We get acquainted with your company through a personal conversation and the questionnaire you filled out.
    We find out what priority areas of your business would like to cover in the articles.
    You make a 100% prepayment for 1 text or package of articles.
    Our employee picks up frequently requested topics for future articles. A list of information requests is compiled.
    The copywriter writes the article. There are: useful tips for visitors, links to thematic products, services. Photo.
    We send you the article. If there are wishes, we make changes in the text.
    Do you want to buy SEO articles?
  • If you order the package “In ten” for 10 articles, you pay $ 60 instead of $ 66. If necessary, we will mark up 10 articles with HTML.


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