Recommendations for writing SEO articles



  • To get traffic to your site from Google and Yandex, first it must be in the search engine results. And the higher it is located in it, the better. One of the most effective tools to attract search traffic is SEO-text. Only this is not quite normal text – in its writing uses different techniques and respected certain requirements.

Here we will talk about them in this article.


  • What is SEO-text
    SEO-text is a text that is aimed not only at the website visitor, but also on the search robot. Its main purpose is to attract search traffic to the site. Such an article responds to a user query and contains keywords that are most often used when searching for material on a particular topic.
  • Basic requirements for optimized text
    In order for the text you write to be called SEO, it must meet the following requirements:


  • It must contain keywords in exact and diluted occurrences. The first means that the key query is specified as it was defined, sometimes even a declination is not allowed. For diluted occurrence requirements will be softer – allowed to insert 1-2 additional words, declinations are allowed. Key queries should be evenly distributed throughout the text.
  • The text should be divided into paragraphs of 3-7 lines. This division shall be semantic. Ideally, one paragraph should contain one idea.
    Headings are used level H1, H2, and so on. Such a breakdown also affects the issuance of a search engine. H1, he same heading of the first level, is specified only once, at the very beginning, and the title H2 in the text may be a few. In some cases, you may need other levels – H3, H4 or H5.
    It is necessary to use numbered or bulleted lists. Here again, the factor of structure – the higher it is, the easier to read and perceive the text.

  • You need to use internal links in the text. This system is also called linking. It involves pointing in the material links to other pages on the site. Thus, and the user will quickly find relevant information, and issuance in the search engine will improve due to the behavioral factor (for Google and Yandex is the best site on which users actively spend a lot of time).
  • The text must be unique. This indicator means that your text is not similar to any other on the Internet. If the uniqueness is not high enough, the search engine may perceive this as a violation of copyright. As a result, the site will either fall in prominence, or will be banned altogether.
  • The article should be literate. Do not forget that, despite the orientation under the search engine robots, SEO-text is still written for people. And many people do not like to read texts with errors.
    The text should be a certain amount (according to the TOR). The length of the material depends on the subject. Volume can be determined by analyzing competitors’ sites.
  • It is also necessary to write meta tags Title and Description, they must specify key phrases and thematic queries.


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