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  • Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization, which is used to promote sites that are closely related to a particular area.
    For example, the site of a network of Nizhny Novgorod coffee shops or a legal aid site.
    *These sites should be promoted in search by maps and among geo-dependent queries.
    Promotion within some niches, tied to a geographical area, and is called a local search engine promotion.
    Nowadays, search companies have gotten to the point of “cleaning up” geo-dependent queries and sites that are promoted by these queries,
    so promotion has become somewhat more complicated, but it is quite possible and realistic.

What are the main features of local SEO

  • The main features are that when promoting in the local area, the emphasis should be on where everything is located.
    That is, do not just point in the headlines “Magadan”, and emphasize the address, the company itself, and the use of maps.
    Promotion in the local area implies that all pages will be, in one way or another, oriented towards this local niche.

  • How to promote sites with local SEO
    There is a site on the web, which is called a local SEO checklist (,
    it has a list of things that should not be forgotten in the local promotion.
    The site is in English and is a good checklist for the English-speaking audience,
    because it takes into account the greater structured nature of the English-speaking Internet.
    Here are some important points from there for readers to check when promoting in any language section.

Optimization on the site

  • Use of keywords
    Use of userfriendly urls (Cyrillic urls on the Russian-language Internet)
    Checking for duplicate content
    Use of attractive images
    Redirecting to the main mirror of the site (users can start typing the address as with or without a www)
    Checking with “Google for Webmasters” if google understands everything about your site and if he has no claims


  • What questions arise when implementing local SEO promotion schemes
    The questions presented in this article on are related to the problems of promotion in local seo.
    Here we present some of them (in a rather loose translation), which seem to be the most interesting.

Should we use a manual or automated system to create ads on the site?


  • This is one of the most interesting questions in search engine optimization.
    In some cases, when there is a lot to write, automatic generation should be used,
    but it may look unnatural and so for the main areas within this site
    (for example, for the main selling product groups or for the main local offices of the company) it is better to write articles manually.
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