Local SEO. How to promote a business in regional search



  • We tell you about the mechanisms of local SEO and how to optimize your website for local results in our material.


  • The success of promoting regional businesses depends to a large extent on local SEO.
    Knowledge of local search trends and optimization principles is now becoming a marketing priority for both eCommerce and offline companies.
    Read our article to learn which local SEO tools are used and how to optimize your website for local search results.

What is local SEO?


  • This is a search engine optimization strategy, which helps to achieve high positions in SERPs for geo-dependent queries – where the city,
    region or just the location of the user is specified. On average, half of what people search for in search engines are local queries.
    For example, in Google they account for 46% of all hits.

Local SEO includes not only queries indicating the region or specifying the area, but also phrases containing “near me,” “closest to me,”
and so on. When users turn to Google or Yandex with information of this nature, local companies are at the top of the results.
Therefore, the fight for regional prominence has become a priority for local businesses.

The result from local SEO justifies all the effort expended. Optimization for local audiences allows you to increase low-frequency traffic,
bringing conversions to a new level and successfully competing with the giant brands that have monopolized global search.

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