As you might guess the internal optimization of the site is something that can affect the site owner, although if you think about it, then the external optimization, it can also affect, but to a lesser extent. The internal optimization for search engines include


Writing competent text on the site, sharpened under the right promoted queries, and keywords. It is important that keywords in the text was not too much, but not a little approximate number of keywords in the text should be 3-7%, but it all depends on the situation and the number of characters in the test. Also an important point in the internal optimization of the text is tags such as h1-h6 and other emphasis tags such as strong em, etc.


Also writing the right and “selling” certain meta tags such as Title, Description and keywords. If the last two meta tags search engines are not particularly paying attention to the Title tag is to look closely this tag appears in search results, and largely depends on it will pass a user to your page.

Also, internal optimization is the internal linking and structure of the site. The site should be well thought out navigation and to any important page, the user should get no more than 3 clicks from the home page.


Never forget about the convenience of not only users, but also about search engines. Bot search engines need to specify what can be indexed on your site, and what should not get into its search database, the bot should give only the necessary pages and hide the “trash” from him. At all this will cope file on your server called robots.txt. Just search engine to help get to all pages on your site and this will help make the site map for search engines also need to specify where it is located.


There are also other things that are needed for internal optimization is the right direction of the users and search engine bots in the occurrence of errors, specifying the ALTs of pictures and much more, but by ordering in our studio the internal optimization of your site, we will do everything for you! If you have a website and you would like to optimize it for search engines, we are happy to do this pre analyzing your topic and pick up selling queries.

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