How to write SEO articles correctly



  • There have always been and will always be a controversy among webmasters, SEO-specialists regarding the correctness of writing SEO-articles.


  • SEO-article is an interesting article with the necessary number of the most popular words or phrases (keys) to promote a particular address (page) of the site. It is generally accepted that keywords in the text should be up to 7 percent of the total text. We recommend that the most important keywords should be added to the headings of H1 and H2, as well as evenly distribute keywords throughout the text.



  • Search engines (Yandex, Google) from time to time give out lists of the most popular queries: movie, download, free, online, weather, etc. We recommend that you take words from this list and properly fit them into the overall context.

  • After selecting the words, you need to write an interesting and unique text, effectively introducing the keywords of the article, which will attract a wide audience of users. If the keywords will not fit the content of the article or be out of line with the overall narrative, it will make an unpleasant impression on visitors, which in turn will have a negative impact on the image of the site. Incomprehensible phrases and words inserted out of place, just scare away potential customers. Moreover, the resource with such articles has very little chance to get into the issuance of search engines. It is clear that users visit the site not to study ads, but to familiarize themselves with the available information there.


  • To create a quality resource, you need to give it time, to innovate, to pay for research, to apply to designers, photographers – in general, “live” your site and it will surely bring sweet fruit.


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