How are SEO-texts different from ordinary articles?



  • SEO-texts are content intended for search engine optimization and written according to certain rules. It contains one or more keywords and has a high percentage of uniqueness. Text for promotion should be attractive not only for search engines, but also for readers. Therefore, literacy, structure and original presentation should also be present.

Why do we need SEO texts?


  • Competently created SEO-copywriting is able to significantly raise the position of the resource in search results. The main objectives of such content:


  • Increasing the number of visitors to the site;
    Increasing the position of a unique SEO article in search results;
    attracting new clients;
    Increasing the popularity of the information portal.
    As you can see, proper SEO text helps not only to increase sales by attracting the target audience. It is also in demand for the promotion of information resources in order to popularize them.


  • Characteristic features of SEO-text
    Writing optimized content is not the easiest task. To perform it, the skill to express thoughts beautifully is not enough. First of all, it is important to learn how to write the keys in such a way that they do not “stumble” the reader, but are seen by the search robot. Also, the SEO-text must meet a number of criteria:


  • absolute literacy;
    The logical structure – the presence of subheadings, lists, quotations, inserts, etc.;
    accessible presentation of material;
    a high level of expertise;
    the presence of a sufficient number of occurrences of queries;
    low rates of “nausea” and “water content”.


  • Particular attention is paid to the creation of the title H1 and Title. The latter must necessarily contain a key query in the direct occurrence. This is a kind of announcement of the entire article, which concisely conveys its essence. H1 title must also contain a key and not repeat a Title, the main query can be inclined.


  • Number of key queries
    The main difference between SEO-copywriting – the presence in the text of certain key phrases, which are chosen by SEO-specialist for each topic. The optimal density of such queries – 1-2 repetitions per 1000 characters. Additionally it is recommended:


  • use indirect occurrences;
    complex keys modify punctuation – comma, parentheses, semicolons, colons, quotation marks;
    do not break words in the key phrase with a question mark or exclamation mark;
    use the main key when writing several H2 headings.
    In the text, key phrases should be placed evenly, because search engines analyze content in parts.

Illustrative example of the use of the key phrase “stretch ceilings to buy” in SEO-text:


  • No dust during installation, perfectly flat and bright color,
    the ability to hide wires, leakage protection from above – these are the advantages of stretch ceilings. Buy and
    Order installation of such structures you can in our company.


  • Structure of SEO-text
    Content should be as easy as possible for perception. It will appreciate the search robots and readers. A distinctive feature of SEO-texts is ease of perception in visual terms. The user must quickly orient himself in the article and find the part of the information that interests him at the moment.
  • Lists visually make the information much easier. They can be used in the design:
  • recipes (list of ingredients);
    descriptions of signs, causes of diseases;
    stages of work;
    lists of drugs, necessary things;
    advantages and disadvantages of something, etc.
    The preferred length of one paragraph is 300-500 characters, approximately 4-5 sentences. It is important to avoid complicated constructions and unnatural turns of phrase.

What should be the indicators of wateriness and nausea?

  • The nausea of SEO text is determined by two parameters – general and by the word. In the latter case, 3-4% is considered optimal. It is calculated based on the number of occurrences of a key phrase in the entire volume of material.

General nausea is divided into two types:

  • Academic – the norm is 7-9%. It is determined depending on how many times the most frequent words are repeated in the article.
    Classical – acceptable values 3-5%. Depends on the frequency of repetition of the same word in the text.
    What is “water” and what values are acceptable? Each text has a list of thematic words that determine the usefulness of the content. Water is a volume of words that do not carry factual information and do not relate to the stated topic. Completely avoid “off-topic” phrases can not. The optimal index of water content – 40-60%. You can check it with the services or Advego.


  • The sequence of writing SEO-text
    The main task of optimized content – promotion of the resource in search engines. And for its implementation requires compliance with the above parameters.
    To write a high-quality SEO text, act in this sequence:
  • Choosing a topic and collecting a semantic core. It is important to find out what information users are interested in regarding the chosen topic. Collect key queries for SEO-article you can use the resources of Yandex Wordstat and google adwords.


  • Competitor analysis. Look at the sites which are on the first page of search results for your target query. Pay attention to the style of presentation, its structure, the richness of the information.
    Writing SEO text. After collecting the information, you can proceed to the creation of the article. Do not forget to make a beautiful and easy to read structure, use lists, subheadings, tables. Avoid long sentences.
    Checking SEO-parameters and making changes. The finished text should be checked for uniqueness, the level of wateriness and nausea, determine the density of keywords.
    Selection of images. Thematic pictures will facilitate the process of reading and make the material visually more appealing. In addition, properly selected images can increase the position of the resource in search results. How to pick up the right images for the SEO-promotion of the site you can read here.
    Placement of text on the site and writing meta tags. When creating a brief description and title, don’t forget to use keyword phrases. They “show” the search robots for which queries to promote the page.
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