History of search engines and Russian SEO: who is who?



September is a significant month for the search engine marketing market. In September, the search engines Google and Yandex celebrate their birthdays. The American corporation led by Sergey Brin and Larry Page was founded in September 1998 and the Yandex.Ru search engine was introduced in September 1997. I do not know what associations this fact makes in your heads, but I personally remember the best days of SEO and search engine optimization in its classic period. It will never happen again, it is a thing of the past due to the development of search technology. At the very beginning of September, the month that gave us two search giants at once, we want to remember once again about the classic Russian SEO – to remember and breathe a sigh of relief: its methods have fallen into oblivion, which means that users have every reason to hope that the search results will only get better.

Saying goodbye to SEO.

Everything changes: cars, books, movies, even – to some extent – people. And even more so, markets are changing. The search engine marketing market is undergoing a global restructuring today. Gone is the whole era of classic search engine optimization, giving way to comprehensive Internet marketing activities aimed at improving sites. As we bid farewell to Russian SEO, let us remember its history.

Bottom line

Definition of

Classical Russian SEO – the science of varieties of manipulation, which helped the site to quickly rise in the search results for certain queries.

(Among Russian SEO – companies are those whose importance to the market of search engine marketing in runet cannot be questioned. But the bulk of the players were lovers of easy results).

The conviction of Russian SEO

Optimizers in runet were convinced that any innovation in search engines, in general, all the actions of search engines are directed at one thing – the fight against SEO. Search engines sleep and see how to worsen the quality of life of the optimizer.

Nineties of the twentieth century.
In the second half of the 90’s, people began to actively use search engines.

1993 saw the appearance of the first Internet search engine, Wandex, created by Matthew Gray of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (who later worked for Google).
The same year saw the introduction of the search engines Aliweb, Repository-Based Software Engineering (RBSE), JumpStation, Architext, which later grew into Excite, and others.



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