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Everyone can promote his site if he understands the sequence of steps and actions that must be done with the site. And even if you don’t want to do it yourself, knowing the list of all the work will allow you to interact with the contractor (agency) at all stages.

We have collected all popular and useful articles on the subject of promotion in search engines (SEO) on the blog and structured them by stages of work. Save it in your bookmarks so that you don’t lose this valuable list.

So, let’s go.

Preparing for SEO, building a promotion strategy
1. Promoting a site in search engines: 7 stages of work that will bring your site to the top.

Website promotion is a cyclical and complex technical process, which consists of several stages. All work must be repeated, as search engines are constantly evolving, changing their requirements and there are new criteria for optimization. You should also not forget about the development of competitors.

And that’s what exactly the stages of search engine optimization will help to get to the top – you learn from the article

2. analyzing your competitors in search.

“Know your enemy by sight. Especially if it helps to make the right decisions on the development and promotion, to increase conversion and sales, and, therefore, to obtain an increase in profits.

In this article let’s break down the methods of SEO-analysis, which will help to determine the general direction of the strategy of competitors in search.

And to understand what search engines are, in their history, opportunities for users and website owners will help you to understand

3. Comparison of the SEO capabilities of popular CMS.

Do you have a new promotion and no programmer? No one can place the information on the site… The right management system will put things in order and allow you to update the content of your resource on your own, free of charge, quickly and at any time.

For more information about the SEO capabilities of CMSs, their typology and the tasks they solve, see the article .

4. How to collect semantics and choose the right queries for promotion.

Semantic kernel – the basis for promotion of the site in the network. Without it you can not bring the site to the leaders for a long time. We will tell you how it is collected, where to look for it and what tools to use.

5. Preparing the structure of the site for promotion in search engines.

If you move the traffic and the conversion from the site is very important to you, then it is the structure of the resource is worth to think “from A to Z”. It is one of the most important elements in SEO. Even on large, well-established sites, you can make small changes to the structure, and will notice a significant increase in traffic and conversions.

6. Yandex Webmaster: everything from settings to examples of use.

This service helps to understand how well the resource is found by visitors and robots, which are the mistakes and recommendations for the site. Also Yandex. Webmaster contains information about the promoted and recommended queries and many other useful services and tools.

There is a detailed guide on how to use the service.

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